New Delhi: A video of a man brandishing a gun, threatening a couple in the foyer of Hotel Hyatt has taken over the Internet.

The man in the video has been identified as Ashish Pandey, brother of sitting BSP MLA Ritesh Pandey and son of a former member of Parliament. The incident took place in the wee hours of October 14 and the matter was raised only after a video surfaced where the accused drew a sophisticated foreign made gun to intimidate another couple. 

According to the exclusive details accessed by MyNation, Hyatt hotel logged the incident in their security log book. "At 03:40hrs dated 14.10.18, Mr Pratish (AM café) informed AM security Vijay that a couple has entered in café lady's washroom. Immediately AM security Vijay along with lady security guard reached there and found that the male guest who entered in lady's washroom was already sent out by a group of ladies." 

The incident blew up when the woman accompanying Ashish Pandey made a snide comment to the other couple which turned into a heated argument. Then, Pandey, who was accompanying the group of women, took out a pistol from his car and moved towards the other couple. He was stopped by the cafe's security managers Vijay and Sawan, following which they all left the hotel premises in their car. The threatened couple were escorted into the lobby area who left the hotel after having a meal in café, as reported in the hotel's security log book. 

DCP south-west Devendra Arya said that a case has been registered against Ashish Pandey and three teams have been formed. The hotel's negligence to handle the incident is also being pointed out as the management did not inform the police immediately and simply logged the incident. Much later, the assistant manager, Sawan Kumar, submitted a written complaint to the police.

Gaurav Singh who was threatened by Ashish Pandey at Hyatt has been contacted by the police. He told the police that his female friend felt unwell and went to the washroom but found no attendant which is why she asked him for help. 
Meanwhile, all three women who were with Ashish also entered into the washroom and started teasing Gaurav by calling him transgender as he was found in a ladies washroom.  
Later, Gaurav and her friend saw Ashish is waiting outside to settle scores who threatened Gaurav. After the incident, Gaurav and his friend left the hotel in his car.

The incident happened a few hours after Robert Vadra left the hotel premises. He later tweeted," I really fear for the safety of our children & people of Delhi, the capital of our country. What is the Law n Order prevailing n who is accountable ?!Has the CM seen what is existing n will they make an example of this insane behaviour with guns n profanity ?! God help us !!"