New Delhi: In a first for Delhi, four out of 13 districts in the capital will have women DCPs. This comes shortly after Wednesday’s reshuffle in Delhi Police. 
New Deputy Commissioner of Police Monika Bhardwaj will be in charge of the west district, while Aslam Khan, Meghna Yadav and Nupur Prasad are already heading northwest, Shahdara and north districts.

Hailing from Rajasthan, Aslam Khan is well-known for her bravery and her stance against corruption. During her stay in Andaman, she highlighted corruption in the Port Blair municipal council. Eight government employees in the case were arrested for taking bribes.

A JNU alumnus from Bihar, Nupur Prasad was DCP of Shahdara district before taking charge of the north district.

Monika Bhardwaj as served in units like the police control room (PCR) and as additional DCP in west and southwest districts. 

Meghna Yadav will head a district for the first time. During her stint in Daman, she and her team had exposed an extortion racket which led to the arrest of several police officials. Yadav made headlines in 2012 when she wrote a letter to the Delhi high court in protest against the ill-treatment she faced at the hands of a judicial officer.