The British Airways cabin crew asked an Indian family to deboard the plane because the baby was crying. The 3-year-old child was wailing, and the staff asked the baby to be seated. This made the baby nervous in the plane and thus broke down. 

The aircraft, which was all set to take off, then turned to the terminal and when the crew ensured the Indian family deboarded the plane. The incident took place on 23 July inside British Airways London-Berlin flight (BA 8495). 

The victim has now filed a complaint with Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu in which he has alleged humiliation and racial behaviour by the airline. However, in their response, the British Airways said it does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, adding that an investigation is underway. 

The British spokesperson said they do not tolerate discrimination and they are extremely serious about this incident. They also said they are in full contact with the person who gave the complaint. 

The Indian family claims that the crew members frightened the son, and hence he started crying. Still, his wife put their son on the designated seat and tried to console him.

Another Indian family offered his son biscuits to stop him from crying. But the same crew members again came to the child and shouted at him, the family alleged.

He also said the crew was discriminating even after he paid the same ticket money as other passengers.