Meerut: An online fraudster tried to trap none other than BJP’s MP from Meerut Rajendra Agarwal, that too in the name of Agarwal’s salary account.

Agarwal received a call on Thursday evening around 4.15pm and the caller asked the BJP leader to divulge his 16-digit ATM card number and bank account number. The caller masqueraded as a bank employee who was calling from the Parliament branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) where the MP’s salary gets credited.


Alarmed, Agarwal hurriedly disconnected the call and lodged a police complaint.

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Meerut City superintendent of police Ranvijay Singh told MyNation that the caller had identified himself as one Rahul and an employee of the Parliament branch of the SBI. The call lasted for about four minutes and 55 seconds and the number has been identified as belonging to one Nur Malik from Kolkata. The loation of the number was traced to Devghar in Bihar.

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