Bengaluru: A video of a man beating up his mother with a broomstick went viral on electronic and social media, recently. Watching the video, the police and Women's Commission had initiated action against the son. But now, the mother has pleaded not to punish her son.

The incident occurred in Bengaluru, when a 19-year-old Jeevan was seen beating up his mother, warning her against speaking about him to anyone.

It was said that the mother had questioned her son for smoking and about having a relationship with a minor girl. This had angered him, and this resorted to violence against the mother. 

It was also said that the parents were tired of the torture meted out to them by Jeevan and they had filed a complaint with the Chennammanakere Achchukattuu Police against the son.

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But the latest reports reveal that the family had not filed a case, but the cops and the Women's Commission had voluntarily filed a case against the rogue son and announced to take legal action.

After the news broke on electronic media, and the mother saw that deputy commissioner of police Annamalai had directed the cops to file a suo motu case against Jeevan, she has requested the cops and the Women's Commission not to punish her son.

The police are yet to react on the mother's statement.