Bengaluru: A video of son trying to beat up his mother with a broomstick is going viral in Karnataka. The son is said to have been torturing his parents for questioning his smoking habits.

Fed up with his repeated assaults and the behaviour, the parents have filed a complaint against the son at Chennammanakere Achchukattu Police Station in Bengaluru.

It is said that the accused Jeevan, 19, and was behaving rudely with parents, who tried to advice him against smoking.

It is also said that he is in a relationship with a minor and when parents questioned about the same, he started beating up his mother.

According to latest reports, the women's commission has taken up the issue and has promised necessary action against the guilty. The women's commission said it has taken the issue seriously and will take proper action after questioning.

Even the DCP has promised legal action against the boy.

The son is seen threatening the woman on why she spoke about him to others, while he is standing with a broomstick in his hand.