In a stern move to stop foreigners taking India for granted, 123 Africans identified as staying in Bengaluru illegally will be deported soon, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara said today (2 August).

He addressed the issue while talking about Bangladeshi immigrants residing illegally and enjoying all the privileges in Bengaluru.

He said, whether it is illegal stay of Bangla nationals, Africans or any person from other countries, no mercy will be shown, they will be deported for sure.

"Irrespective of their nationality, if anyone is found staying in Karnataka without proper documents, will be deported," the minister said.


According to reports, Bengaluru alone has 975 foreigners living illegally. The state police department has identified them and are in a process of sending them back to their countries.

So for now, records of 123 African nationals have been checked and procedure to deport them is being finalised.