New Delhi: It all began on January 9 this year when Shivani Gupta, a journalist with Republic TV, was allegedly harassed by supporters of Jignesh Mewani, a newly elected MLA from Gujarat who is known for his diatribes against the Narendra Modi government.

Shivani had alleged further that the supporters of Mewani made lewd gestures at her. A visibly infuriated Arnab Goswami, the channel’s editor-in-chief, lashed out at the alleged perpetrators, with the channel highlighting the faces of the suspects on the television screen.

One of the accused was A Singh, where he was shown as one of the perpetrators, which both the reporter and the channel stand by.

Singh, along with his partner Pratishtha, has filed a complaint with the National Broadcasters Standards Authority (NBSA), an independent body set up by News Broadcasters Association. The NBSA passed an order on August 30 asking Goswami to air an apology to Singh. The order has now become a political hot potato, with many Goswami baiters like Mewani to comedian Kunal Kamra tweeting about it. This also triggers fears that violence and abusive behaviour against a woman journalist is being normalised.

So what happened on that day? Shivani, the reporter, stands by her stated position in a series of tweets.

Speaking to MyNation, the aggrieved journalist said, “I think the NBSA panel has not fully understood the gravity of what they are dealing with. They seem to be less concerned with the fact that I was clearly harassed and intimidated in a vulgar manner and more with the words used to describe the mob that attacked me. I would like to ask them, 'what words should we rather use to describe a sexist, cheap, lewd and goon-like mob that attacked me thinking I was alone and weak? What they have effectively done with their decision is turned a harasser into a victim and I hope they will see the error in their judgement.'”

Arnab Goswami, speaking to this website said, “I will say it again: a bunch of vulgar perverts attacked Shivani. Some invertebrates ask why I call harassers sexist, lewd and perverted. What words do they suggest I use for him? Let those media organisations that don’t speak even a word against Jignesh’s goons ask themselves whether they would do the same if such an incident happened with their journalists.”

So, what is Republic TV's official stand on the issue now? Goswami says, “We have asked the NBSA to review their order and I am sure they will hear our side.”

For Republic TV, the battle is not over yet.