Extensive research, which is still underway, found an interesting aspect after studying the excreta of wild cats in the Bandhavgarh National Park region, Madhya Pradesh, proving that animals had come under high stress after the number in safaris had gradually increased, revealed Anuj Raina, a conservationist based in Gujarat.

This goes on to show how the governments in several states are ignoring the condition of the animals, while focusing entirely on generating high revenues through tourism.

Through this, a completely new perspective has been opened up during this ordeal, with several other conservationists stating that the decision to privatise the wildlife of the state, may just be the exact move that the jungles of Karnataka need right now.

"Hormones found in the cats excreta, prove that the animal is under high stress, which has sprung up after the government increased the number of safaris in the state", says Anuj Raina, an ardent conservationist, who goes by the opinion that privatisation is the of the hour for Karnataka's wildlife.

After the idea of privatising the wildlife of Karnataka has been announced and discussed about, several opinions have popped up.

Many environmentalists and conservationists disagree with this move being implemented, arguing that the forest department is trying with its best efforts to conserve whatever jungle land is left and keep the wild animals safe, which will be disturbed if a private entity takes over. 

While the research is still continuing, all signs indicate that animals, be it in the wild or in captivity are feeling the stress at the expense of being prey to the man-made touristy elements such as zoos, safaris, and many other methods through which the wild are exploited.

Animals are continuously signalling to the world, through their own ways to express their angst and anxiety from being surrounded by man-made elements, which were once and still to an extent, foreign to them.

With the entrance of privatisation, experts in the field hope to see a change in the way of how the situations are dealt with so far, by the government. But whether or not this will turn into reality soon, is yet to be decided by the authorities involved.