New Delhi: While the world celebrates Valentine's Day with their loved one, some Indian acid attack survivors have joined forces with jewellery brand Atelier Mon to spread a whole lot of love. 

Through a series of portraits and survivor stories, the campaign with the hashtag #LoveOverScars aims to spread the message that nothing can break the spirit of the person and their faith in love. A portion of the proceeds from the sales on their website starting from Valentine’s Day up until March 14 will be donated to NGO, Make Love Not Scars. 

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Ria Sharma, Founder, Make Love Not Scars said, “Our campaign with Atelier Mon is all about sharing with the world that life does not end because of whatever may happen with you. You do not need to become invisible but rather excel in whatever you aim to do. It is important to sweep aside notions about the face, what the society considers conventional, and move ahead to conquer the world. The survivors display pure strength and conviction. Seen wearing Atelier Mon collections, all of them look confident and beautiful and are role models in the true sense of the word."

Meanwhile the woman behind the novel concept, Meher Sra Rohatgi, founder of the brand Atelier Mon seemed keen to smash the glass ceiling about beauty with the campaign. "I believe that there is a need to bring about a drastic change in how our society accepts and views people with disfigurement and how important it is for all of us to embrace them and make them realize that beauty is not just skin deep. We aim to achieve this through our unique association with the NGO Make Love Not Scars," she says. 

Now, isn't this the right way to go about celebrating True Love day? Moreover, customers who shop from the website during this month can get a 10% discount on their purchase, using the code 10MLNS.