Desserts and festivities go hand in hand. Ram Navami, the celebrated Hindu holiday celebrating Lord Rama's birthday, is no exception. This year, as we prepare to celebrate Ram Navami 2024 on Wednesday, April 17, we look forward to creating a list of delicious delights. 

During the Ram Navami puja rites, these delicious delicacies will be served to the Hindu god as prasad or bhog before being distributed to followers. So, what are you waiting for? 

Here's a compilation of recipe ideas for popular sweets or mithais, such as Besan Barfi, Rava Sheera, coconut Laddo, and much more, to try during this pleasant occasion.

1. Panjiri halwa:
To make panjiri, whole wheat flour is toasted in ghee before being mixed with powdered sugar. This dry sweet is popular in Punjabi households and is typically cooked during the winter months.

2. Besan Barfi:
The procedure for creating besan barfi is simple, and if you follow all of the steps correctly, you will be treated to a luxurious and delicious barfi. Making besan barfi is simpler than making mysore pak, which is trickier. It is not as rich as Mysore pak, but it is easier to prepare. Besan barfi tastes similar to Besan ladoo. So, if you prefer besan laddu, you will undoubtedly enjoy barfi.

3. Coconut Laddo: 
A coconut ladoo is a small, sweet ball made of coconut. Ladoo is a sweet ball with several varieties that originated in India. Fresh coconut, condensed milk (milkmaid), and cardamom powder are used in this approach to make ladoos. This method has the advantage of being quick, easy, and suitable for novices.

4. Lauki Ki Kheer: 
Lauki is a cool vegetable to eat during the summer. Lauki can be used to make a variety of foods, including savory and sweet options. The recipe is quite simple, and even a novice cook may prepare this kheer. Just make sure you use fresh, full-fat milk. You can use either pre-boiled or pasteurized milk. It is also important to mention that the Lauki should be tender and not bitter. 

5. Rava sheera:
Rava sheera is sometimes made in abundance for festive or religious events. If you want to make a great quantity, you must follow a specific proportion.
Suji, sugar, water, and ghee are measured 1:1:2:0.5 in a cup or glass. Stray slightly from this balance and use less ghee and sugar.