In addition, the country’s labour force is expected to grow by more than 8 million per annum in the coming decade. Therefore, the main challenge for the government of the day is going to be creating decent work opportunities for this growing labour force in the coming years.

Providing jobs to the youth becomes more imperative because in absence of a livelihood, the young people can find themselves unable to harness their true potential and it would be a wastage of human resources for a developing country like India.

In this regard, a young man from Rajasthan’s Churu district, Md. Aslam Chopdar, has identified the correct way to provide the youth of his state with the right job opportunities in sufficient numbers, so that they can become tools of progress for the nation. He has launched an organisation called “Rajasthan Rojgar Mahasangh” (RRM) as a credible platform for young men and women, who are qualified, but unemployed. Being a passionate supporter of social empowerment, Aslam launched RRM to raise the issue of unemployment with the state government as well as local authorities.

Since the launch of RRM, Aslam has spearheaded several demonstrations of students as well as unemployed youth at the state and regional level. His first protest was in 2016, for filling up of vacancies in the REET Teach Recruitment process. Since the government, at that time, didn’t respond favourably to their demands, the RRM and protestors filed a case in court. The court decided in the favour of the protestors. In 2019, Aslam also organised a hunger protest in support of candidates who didn’t get enough time to prepare for the first-class lecturer recruitment examination. The hunger strike lasted for more than 19 days, forcing the state government to announce 31,000 new vacancies for REET Teacher Recruitment. The government also announced new recruitment exams.

Talking about his role and responsibility as the head of RRM, Aslam says, “I don’t intend to do
anything for myself. I am a people’s man and my life is dedicated to social service. I find it sad that despite students completing their education and doing well in their examinations are unable to find decent jobs, simply because of corruption in the system.”

Apart from fighting against the system, Aslam’s organisation also helps students from weaker sections of the society by providing them free books and coaching as well as providing free food and medicines for people who are working tirelessly to provide for their family.

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