New Delhi: Punjab National Bank scam accused, fugitive Nirav Modi, was recently spotted in London. Modi is wanted in Rs 13,000 crore fraud in Punjab National Bank in collusion with his uncle Mehul Choksi. 

While his presence in Britain itself is a shocking revelation, it was Modi's ostrich leather jacket that hogged all the limelight. In a video released by UK-based newspaper, The Telegraph, the absconding diamantaire was seen sporting a highly expensive jacket made of ostrich skin. While the brand of the jacket still remains a mystery(Is it Gucci or Saint Laurent or neither?), there is a strong possibility the design house may never come forward since the netizens had a field day criticising the 'ugly' jacket.  

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The jacket reportedly costs Rs 9 Lakhs and is up there in the high-end leather hierarchy with alligator, python, and crocodile hides. Ostrich leather has a natural polka-dotesque pattern that makes it a go-to choice of leather for leading couture brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Saint Laurent etc. 

However, it seems that ostrich leather is soon going to be infamous as the go-to sartorial choice for fraudsters. Before Nirav Modi's appearance in the button-down jacket, former aide of  American president Donald Trump, Paul Manafort also made headlines for splurging on goodies made guessed it...ostrich leather. 

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Manafort was recently sentenced to nearly four years in prison for tax and bank fraud. During his trial, it emerged that he once spent more than $400,000 in a single year on his own personal wardrobe that included “custom $15,000 jacket made from an ostrich,” a “$9,500 vest made from ostrich,” and a “$18,500 jacket made from python skin” from New York City luxury menswear store Alan Couture.

 There was a time when a stereotypical attire of villains in movies was either a pinky finger ring or an eye patch or just statement gold jewellery. However, now an ostrich leather jacket may just be the ultimate epitome of playing a villain onscreen. Are you listening, Bollywood?