The scorching heat makes it difficult to wear makeup all day long. Attending any event or function in the season of summer poses its own challenges. Sweat can mess up your makeup and ruing your whole look. Today, let’s explore some simple tips and tricks that can help you maintain your stunning makeup look even in summer. 


Rub ice on your face before makeup. Wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and gently rub it on your face to tighten your skin. This preps your skin well before makeup. 

Skip foundation

During summer, skip using foundation. It will make your face look cakey due to sweat. Choose a BB or CC cream from any good brand. These creams effectively cover blemishes without looking cakey like foundation. 


After completing your makeup, do not forget to apply sunscreen. It is essential to use sunscreen before stepping out in sun. It acts as a shield to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For sweatproof makeup, choose a matte sunscreen as it provides a refreshing glow to your skin. 

Setting spray

As the last step, use setting spray to seal the makeup in place. These sprays help your makeup stay put as long as you need. During the day, you can also reuse the spray after 4-5 hours. It will help maintain a fresh look throughout the day.