Bengaluru: Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda’s decision to field his grandsons from Hassan and Mandya may have been good news to the Gowda family. But for Congressmen, it has given them some sleepless nights.

The moment Gowda relinquished his constituency from Hassan to accommodate Prajwal Revanna, the search for a different constituency began. Though Hassan has been more or less a cinch and sinecure for Gowda to be a Lok Sabha member, the other constituencies he has in mind are not so winnable.

Take for instance, the Bangalore North constituency. Here, it is DV Sadananda Gowda of the BJP who has been having a phenomenal ride for a long, long time. There were talks that Gowda would contest from this constituency. But knowing very well that he would end up on the losing side, the ferreting of the new constituencies began. Would it be Mysuru or would it be Kolar or would it be Tumakuru?

The finality of things is yet to be reached. But now, it is the Tumakuru MP Mudda Hanumegowda who is feeling the pinch. If sources are to be believed, among all the three considered constituencies, Tumakuru happens to be the easiest bet.

So if Gowda does go ahead with his plans of contesting from Tumakuru, the Congress will be forced to honour his plans, thereby, asking Hanumegowda to vacate. And this is precisely what has made Hanumegowda vexed and maybe, indignant as well.

On a war-footing to save the seat, none other than deputy chief minister Dr G Parameshwara had a word with Gowda himself and Mallikarjun Kharge.

If sources are anything to go by, it is said Parameshwara prevailed upon the leaders not to make Hanumegowda a scapegoat. The reasons cited by him are dime a dozen.

One, Hanumegowda has done fairly well as the MP of Tumakuru. Two, Tumakuru has always been a happy hunting ground for the Congress, and by offering it to the JD(S) on a platter, the Congress would only end up losing the momentum.

In simple words, one man’s food is another man’s poison. And it can’t be better articulated.