Mandya: In a surprising move on the last day of filing nominations for Mandya constituency, three women named Sumalatha have filed their nominations too. Sumalatha Ambareesh already filed her nomination from Mandya on March 20.

Currently, along with Sumalatha Ambareesh, P Sumalatha from Kanakapura, Sumalatha from KR Pet and Sumalatha from Srirangapatna are also contesting the Lok Sabha election in Mandya.

Sumalatha Ambareesh is contesting as an independent candidate - supported by the BJP. But as no party symbol is allotted to her, Sumalatha Ambareesh will be contesting with the name A Sumalatha for the election.

The three Sumalathas that have filed their nominations today will also have to wait for the Election Commission to issue them a symbol. 

Reports claim that this move is orchestrated as an attempt to confuse people and divide the votes. This, especially after Sumalatha Ambareesh was flanked by actors Yash of KGF fame, Darshan, producer Rockline Venkatesh and others.

Sumalatha Ambareesh had earlier been hopeful of getting a ticket to contest from Mandya from the Congress party. But the Congress had already given the seat to JD(S) according to alliance agreement. So, instead of giving a ticket, it supported fielding of Nikhil Kumaraswamy from JD(S) in Mandya.

There were speculations of Sumalatha being supported by Congress members and leaders. But now, it is out in the open that Sumalatha is being supported by the BJP which has not fielded any candidate in Mandya.

Rumour has it that the JD(S) has made the move of three Sumalathas filing nomination after the BJP extended its support to Sumalatha Ambareesh.