Bengaluru: Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, who will most certainly be the BJP’s bet from Bengaluru South constituency is all energetic and enthusiastic. On Thursday, former deputy chief minister and Bengaluru South MLA R Ashok inaugurated a swanky new office in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. Located in a prime locality, the office serves as a wonderful meeting point for karyakartas and the would-be candidate. 

On the occasion, Tejaswini recalled how her mother-in-law had prophesied that her son Ananth Kumar would one day rise to prominence at the national level as a hard-working member of the BJP. This prediction was made way back in 1988, and true to the words of her mother-in-law, Ananth Kumar became a Cabinet minister in Vajpayee’s government in the year 1999. 

She also recalled how he had worked hard along with other party leaders in improving the prospects of the BJP in the south. 


R Ashok, who welcomed her candidacy by wrapping a shawl around her, was all praises for Ananth Kumar. According him the status of a mentor, he elucidated how it was Ananth Kumar, who had extricated him from the depths of depression when he was jailed during the Emergency in the 70s. 

A fitting tribute to Ananth Kumar, he said, would be to elect Tejaswini by a huge margin. And for this, he urged the people of the constituency to work hard, setting aside all differences that would crop up. Ultimately, he said, it is Modi that everyone is working for and the nation is waiting with bated breath to see him as the next Prime Minister. 

MLA V Somanna was also present on the occasion. He too recalled how Ananth Kumar had worked tirelessly to ensure Bengaluru was on the path to progress. He added that it was due to Ananth Kumar’s efforts that metro came to the city.