Mandya: Astrology and politics can be very good friends. Especially, when it comes to the Deve Gowda family, which is known to follow astrology avidly.

In the latest, the Gowda clan has announced the name of Nikhil Kumaraswamy (grandson of Deve Gowda) as the candidate for the Mandya Lok Sabha polls.

The hurried announcement was made by CS Puttaraju and DC Tammanna, both senior JD(S) leaders at roughly half past twelve, keeping in mind that that Rahu Kalam, considered to be inauspicious, begins at 12.30 pm on Thursday. Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and his father former PM Deve Gowda were conspicuous by their absence. The two were busy in political engagements. That is the reason why they had entrusted CS Puttaraju and DC Tammanna to go ahead and make the announcement.

The time at which the announcement was made was in a period called ‘Abhijin’ muhurtha. This muhurtha, according to olden times, was the time or period in which kings used to ascend their ‘rathas’ or chariots to begin a war.

Also, the time at which the announcement was made comes under what’s called ‘Ayushman’ yoga. Ayushman means ‘long living’.

Selva Pillai Iyengar, an astrologer said, “The announcement was made keeping in mind the aspect of auspiciousness. As the name indicates, the elders wish a long tenure for the person who is being crowned.”

Well, the announcement has been made. But the going might be tough for Nikhil Kumarswamy considering that Ambareesh’s widow Sumalatha has thrown her hat into the ring. Though the JD(S) is trying hard to dissuade her from contesting, she has stuck to her guns. In fact, Congress trouble-shooter DK Shivakumar is also reportedly trying to convince her not to contest. But ironically, the local leadership of Mandya Congress wants Sumalatha to contest as they feel that Congress should not let an opportunity to win go astray.