An FIR has been registered against a teacher in Bihar after videos of her checking answer sheets without reading are going viral. As per a post circulating on X (formerly Twitter), the sheets were of PPU exams and action has been taken against the teacher. 

The videos show the teacher sitting on the bench and checking and marking the answers without even glancing at them. The first video's caption read, "Reels of checking copies of PPU exam went viral on Instagram, FIR lodged against madam."



Another video has also surfaced where the teacher is again not reading the papers yet marking them. 



Hundreds of people have commented on the videos showcasing their anger and displeasure with the teacher. One user wrote, "Shame on such useless teachers. This is a disgrace to the name of teachers. The child studies day and night with great difficulty, gives his 100% and writes in his copy and the teacher is not reading even a single word of his copy. That is why the education system of India is a dung cake. If you have to give marks to the child like this then do not conduct exams.

"Such teachers who check copies without reading them properly should be relieved from their services with immediate effect so that the future of the children is not spoiled," another user wrote. 

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