When one has the will to reach the skies, all challenges and obstacles become insignificant. Here is a story of an inspiring man who challenged conventional boundaries to achieve remarkable feats. This story encourages people to strive for greatness and persevere through challenges.

Srikanth Bolla, a renowned businessman, was born on 7 July 1991 in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He was born blind and during his school years, his classmates mocked him for his disability. 

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Dreams and goals

Despite his physical shortcomings, he was dedicated to his studies. He aspired to excel in life through education and consistently secured first position in his school. Srikanth faced tremendous challenges in his journey and wished to secure admission in one of India’s top institutions IITs.

Srikanth Bolla faced discrimination due to his blindness, but he remained resolute in his pursuit of education. Despite excelling in his studies, he was denied admission to the science stream in college. He embarked on a legal battle against the Indian education system and after six-months of perseverance, he was finally granted admission. 

Education at MIT

Remarkably, Srikanth Bolla scored 98 percent marks in class 12, and he managed to secure admission to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. He made history as MIT’s first international blind student, inspiring countless others around the world.

After completing his degree, Srikanth Bolla received numerous job offers from multi-national companies. However, he returned to India to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. In the year 2012, he founded Bollant Industries, marking the beginning of his new journey. Srikanth’s venture also received funding from the renowned industrialist Ratan Tata. 

Bollant Industries

With these tremendous achievements, Srikanth Bolla became the world’s first blind CEO and founder. His company provides job opportunities to hundreds of people struggling with physical disabilities. Additionally, he co-founded a centre aimed to empower visually impaired people. 

Bollant Industries specializes in eco-friendly consumer food packaging. These products are made using leaves and bio-degradable materials. Today, the company has a value of Rs 400 crore and has established itself as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions. 

A meeting with Dr Kalam

The young Srikanth Bolla also had the privilege of meeting Dr APJ Abdul Kalam years back. He also became a member of ‘Lead India 2020: The Second National Youth Movement,’ an initiative that was launched by Dr Kalam. 

In the year 2022, Srikanth Bolla tied the knot with Veera Swathi. The two are parents to a lovely daughter.