Bangalore: Where there is a will, there is a way. Sanjay Rathi is a space enthusiast; he grew up being obsessed about space studies. When other kids were busy building paper aeroplanes, he read thick books about space and rockets. 

Sanjay wanted to instil that same kind of fervour in other students. He researched through many technical institutes and found out that not many colleges offer programmes in space studies. 

But he was determined to provide guidance to young students about space science. Just one single effort was needed from his side, and then more and more students started joining him who shared the same zeal as him. 

Nonprofit organization

Sanjay laid the foundation of his non-profit organization in the year 2014. From teaching simple courses in the beginning, he started a Helium Learning Lab in 2020. Through this lab, he could provide online learning courses to students. When a former ISRO scientist learned about his NGO, he helped Sanjay and gave him training about some basic fundamental concepts in the field. This training helped him impart his knowledge to his students in a more comprehensive way. 

Filling the gap between space science and education system

Sanjay realizes the urgency of producing better and more space scientists. He shares that after the success of Chandrayaan 3, a wave was created in all the space organizations of the world. All the leading countries like, Japan, America, China and Russia are working on several space projects. India needs to keep up with the momentum and for that more skilled manpower is required. 

For this particular reason, Sanjay finds it important for space institutions to come up with more space related programmes. He contributes his part by approaching different schools and educating them about the same. He organizes camps for theory, workshop and practical lessons. Sanjay believes that in the next 40 years, India must stand as the leading space organization in the world. 

Nurturing children’s interests in space

According to Sanjay, there is a serious lack of proper guidance at the school level. The students constantly doubt their decisions and have no idea of how they must work to accomplish their dreams. 

The school teachers are not very well aware about the same topics. For this, events must be held where students can find their interests and have faith in themselves for choosing this path. A change must be brought in the conventional way of school teaching. 

Organizing space workshops

Sanjay shares that students’ interest in space must be observed from an early age. If they are given a push when they are in grade 6, they will themselves work to find resources to support their dream. 

Sanjay’s NGO has designed courses on Astronomy, Rocket studies, Robotics, Satellites, Space Rovers, Astrobiology and many more. Under these courses, students are given education with proper guidance; workshops and online events are conducted to enhance their knowledge about space science. 

To support the dreams of students of all ages, Sanjay also does counselling.