At an age when people start making plans to utilise their retirement money for vacations, Dr Prathap C Reddy works 8 hours day to carry out his duties. Dr Reddy is the owner of Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited. He is 91 years old and one of the oldest billionaires in the country. The turnover of his enterprise stands at more than Rs 69,000 crore.
Passion about work

Dr Reddy is a dedicated businessman who at the age of 91 works enthusiastically throughout the day. He wakes up every day to make peoples’ lives better and inspires the youth of today. 

His active lifestyle, a cheerful demeanour, and positive attitude for work helps him stay healthy at this frail stage of his life. Troubled by health issues at this age, it becomes impossible to work a full-time job for a senior citizen, but Dr. Reddy is here to inspire young people to love their job. 

The beginnings in 1983

If Dr Reddy decides to retire from his work, it would be completely understandable, but his passion motivates him to keep moving forward. He is a powerful man and decides not to give in to the frailty of life. 

Dr Reddy received his education in America and worked there for a while in the medical sciences as a cardiologist. He returned to India in the year 1970 with an intention to bring a revolution in the medical fields. As a wise young man, he educated himself regarding the business world, collected the funds, and laid the foundation of Apollo Hospital Enterprises in the year 1983.

Apollo is a trusted and giant group of hospitals with its branches expanding to several parts of the country. Dr Reddy’s enterprise is listed in the stock market and holds the share with a value of 29 percent. 

His four daughters help him operate the company. Preetha Reddy is the MD of the company along with Sangita Reddy, Sunita Reddy and Shobha Kamineni operate as executive vice-chairpersons. 

Dr Reddy has passed on his undying love for work to his grandchildren as nine of his grandchildren are already involved in the expansion of the business to more places. Dr. Reddy’s grandchildren are ready to take on the challenge of contributing to the growth of the company. 

71 hospitals across the country

Apollo has 71 branches across the country; there are 5000 pharmacies with 291 primary care clinics. The enterprise runs a chain of diagnostic centres to make medical services readily available to people. 

Dr Reddy’s will to serve the people has earned him many various awards both in the medical and business world.