Bokaro: The heights of the skies diminish when one is determined to look beyond their boundaries for success. 

The quote stands true in Irfan Bhati’s case, who toiled night and day and achieved his parents’ dreams of a better life. He did not only fulfil his parents’ expectations of him but came out shining becoming a source of inspiration for everyone. 

Who is Irfan Bhati?

Irfan’s family belongs to Bokaro. His family’s residence is in IEL Masjid Mohalla of Gomiya block of Bokaro. His father’s name is Abdul Qadir Bhati. Irfan completed his schooling from Pitts Modern School in 2014. He earned a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from the Institute of Technology in Haldia, West Bengal. 

Irfan is a software engineer. After his graduation, he worked for several big companies like Byju’s and Flipkart. During this time, his mother passed away and he was left devastated. 

Irfan had also worked for Google India in the Google Maps department where he was earning an annual salary of Rs 40 lakhs. But he had dreamed of doing something bigger and in order to achieve that he did not stop at that 40 lakh annual package.

After gaining some valuable experience and forming connections in the industry, he earned himself a job in Google London with a package of Rs 1 crore and 20 lakhs; that is three times the salary he was initially earning at Google.  

Irfan’s early life

Irfan comes from a humble family. His grandfather Maqbool Bhati used to work as a scrap collector in the IEL company. Irfan’s father used to work in the scrap transportation business. 
Although the family’s income was not enough to meet all the desirable necessities, Irfan’s father never backed off from providing his son with the best education. 

Irfan had always dreamed of becoming an engineer since his childhood. He received immense support from his parents. When he was in class 10th, he created a software application solely with his individual hard work.