New Delhi: Pragati Rani, a resident of Kurukshetra, Haryana, achieved the 355th rank in UPSC CSE 2023 exam. What makes her story truly remarkable is the fact that she is a mother of a little baby, and while carrying out her motherly duties, she managed to secure an impressive rank. During her UPSC journey, she received immense support from her husband. 

UPSC journey

Pragati Rani embarked on her UPSC journey some five years ago. She got married to Dr Atul Verma, and when Pragati she her desire to pursue UPSC, she was wholeheartedly supported by her husband. The couple’s son was 6-month-old back then. In her first attempt, Pragati fell short in clearing the prelims in 2021. But Dr Atul Verma’s support served as her pillars of strength and motivation. 

Chasing dreams

After experiencing the first setback, Pragati remained resilient and took the UPSC exam again in 2022. This time, she secured the 740th rank. However, her dream was to become an IAS officer. In the year 2023, she accomplished her dream by achieving an impressive 355th rank. 

As Pragati prepared for the UPSC 2023 exam, her son had reached the age of 3. He would frequently interrupt her studies with requests to play. During the same time, her husband was pursuing his MD studies. Despite all the challenges, she balanced her responsibilities and persevered with unwavering determination. 

Family's support

Pragati’s mother-in-law helped in taking care of the child. She would focus on making study notes when her child played with his grandmother. She would dedicate 3-4 hours to studying at night after putting the boy to sleep. 

Amidst all these challenges, she also cleared the Haryana Civil Services exam. She was working as the OSD of the Divisional Commissioner while continuing her UPSC preparation.