Rajasthan: Ram Bhajan Kumar from Bapi village of Rajasthan has accomplished a remarkable feat by becoming the first individual from his village to successfully pass the UPSC exam. He made this happen while working as a police constable. After the announcement of results on 23 May, Delhi Police extended their congratulations to Ram Bhajan Kumar through their Twitter account. He received numerous calls from people praising him for his achievements. The news quickly circulated, and the villagers gathered at his village home to extend their blessings. He is the only person from his village who has managed to qualify the UPSC exam.


Ram Bhajan’s father was a daily wage worker who earned money by grazing goats and cattle. The earnings were not enough, and the family faced severe financial challenges. Ram’s father tried another job where he bought ice creams from the city and sold them in the village. Unfortunately, even this endeavour failed to provide sufficient income for the household. Later, he took up a job at a construction site. 

Ram Bhajan was 5 or 6 years old when his father was diagnosed with asthma and became bedridden. His mother took up the gruelling task of a labourer at the construction sites. Sometimes, even Ram Bhajan helped his mother with the labour work. Each morning, he would travel with his mother to the site on a bicycle. Together, the mother-son duo used to break stones, filling 25 baskets with it. They could only make Rs 10 for their laborious efforts. 

Attending schools

Along with the stone-breaking work, Ram Bhajan used to sell fodder for cattle. His hours of work used to earn him a very small amount of Rs 5 or 10. There was no electricity at home, so he improvised his study conditions by stacking bottles to provide light. Ram Bhajan only had one set of clothing for school. It was covered with tiny holes and darned patches as he could not afford to buy new ones. There was also one set of clothes for special outings known as ‘outside clothes’.

Education loans

Despite all the challenges, Ram Bhajan was determined to pursue his education. He attended the government schools till class 12th. For his further education, he had to take loans. He had a dream of joining the police forces. He applied for four different police exams simultaneously and was eventually selected as a Delhi Police Constable. Interestingly, he even attended the interview in his torn clothes. 

In 2022, Ram Bhajan was promoted to the rank of head constable. Throughout his 14-year tenure in the police services, he continued to pursue his education. While fulfilling his duties, he completed his graduation and post-graduation as a private student at Rajasthan University.

Ram made his first attempt in the UPSC exams in the year 2018. That time, he could not even clear the preliminary rounds. He persevered with unwavering determination and finally achieved the remarkable feat by qualifying in UPSC 2022 exam. 

Ram Bhajan’s family

Ram Bhajan got married with Anjali in the year 2012. The same year, he successfully passed the NET/JRF exam in Hindi. Anjali had not studied after class 8th, so Ram Bhajan resolved to educate his wife further. Through his unwavering support and encouragement, Anjali not only completed her master’s degree but also pursue a BEd degree. Ram Bhajan’s brother has also studied till class 12th. 

After passing the UPSC exam, Ram Bhajan secured a position in the Indian Audit and Accounts Service. Currently, he is undergoing training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie.