Noida: Regardless of the financial status, every parent strives to provide their children with an education. When children recognize and value their parents’ efforts, it fills their hearts with pride. Noida’s Balwant Singh works as a street vendor and sells towels. His son was a student at IIT Delhi, but he made a switch in his career and chose to study computer science elsewhere. Balwant Singh takes pride in his son’s choices. Admission into Indian Institute of Delhi typically requires exceptional intellectual abilities, and making the decision of giving up one’s seat is even more remarkable. 

Selling towels in Noida

Balwant Singh, a 47-year-old vendor, has been selling towels near the Great India Place Mall in Noida for the last 28 years. He is originally from Aligarh who came to Noida in search of work. Balwant’s entire family lives in a rented house in Bhajanpura, Delhi, just across from Noida’s Atta Market. He leaves his home at 9 am and sets up his handcart near Noida Sector 38. This is Balwant’s only means of earning that sustains his household. 

Admission into IIT

Balwant Singh’s son, Sujal had studied hard to secure a seat at IIT Delhi. He enrolled in the Civil Engineering Department. However, Sujal’s true passion lay in Computer Science, urging him to make the difficult decision of giving up the admission at IIT and opt for Computer Science at Delhi Technological University. 

The annual fee of DTU is Rs 2 lakh, which poses a financial challenge for Balwant. Despite the financial constraints, he is willing to go to great lengths to support his son’s education. He firmly believes in his son’s academic abilities and would not hesitate from borrowing the money from other places. 

Balwant shares that he has never forced his children to make career choices according to him. He does not feel regret about Sujal’s choice to leave the IIT seat. It will be a challenge to cover the expenses for the entire duration of the programme, but he is committed to providing for his future success and wants to see Sujal shine. 

Monthly earnings

Balwant gets 4 to 5 customers daily and earns Rs 20,000 in one month. He speaks highly of his son, mentioning that Sujal is diligent and committed to his studies. He wakes up early and studies late into the night. Balwant proudly shares that Sujal excelled in his class 12th board exams and achieved an impressive 99.5 percent in JEE Mains. Furthermore, Balwant’s daughter is pursuing a BSc degree and is also preparing for the UPSC exams.