Who is Ekta Nahar?

The glimmers of huge packages of IT industry could not attract Ekta Nahar. She comes from a small town of Madhya Pradesh. She holds a B. Tech degree in computer science. After completing her education, she worked for the IT industry and earned a good income. But something felt missing. 

Ekta could not gain the satisfaction from her job that she had imagined all those years. The long working hours were exhausting, and they did not let Ekta’s creative mind take a break to find a breathing space. As she explains, her job in the IT was dull and bleak, and she wanted to add a hundred colours to her life. So, she left her job and started working on her business. 

Turning hobby into passion

Ekta felt stuck with the monotony and the depression from her office job. She terribly missed her artistic endeavours and the freedom she felt while holding her brushes. 

Ekta’s family members could not notice her distress from her job. They were happy as long as she had a decent means of earning. But when Ekta discussed about her business plans with her family members, she found it surprising that they agreed to support her dreams. A little confidence and support were all that she needed from her family. 

She left her job and did not look back. She had a dream of inspiring other people with her art and wanted to assure them there is hope for everyone. She wanted her art to reflect everyone’s struggles, dreams and their perseverance. 

Demotivation from neighbours

Ekta belongs to a small town of Madhya Pradesh. It is an area where everyone is invested to hear stories about each other’s lives. After Ekta left her job in Delhi, and returned to her parents, neighbours started commenting on her inability to continue the job. 

But Ekta had no intention of backing out and her parents’ faith in her helped her attain success in her business. After her achievements, the same relatives and neighbours congratulated her. 

Forging a deep bond

While expanding her network in the business community, Ekta fell upon a chance of meeting Ashish, another entrepreneur. Ashish is an art lover and liked her idea of business. He expressed his support by giving her a box of colours. 

The ideas of these two entrepreneurs aligned and they decided to run this business together. Soon, they opened an art studio under the name ‘Rangsaji’ in Noida. 

Ekta and Ashish have plans of getting married in near future. 

Waste to Best

Ekta started her business with an investment of Rs 5000. She mostly required old household waste materials like paint box cans, waste cans, nail paint bottles etc. She is also involved in wooden artwork. Right now, she receives around 500 to 800 orders a month for carving paintings on wood. Ashish carves the paintings and Ekta adds colours to them. 

Global orders

Ekta did not promote her business on a wide scale due to lack of funds. She had no support from any PR agency or marketing companies, and all the work was done through the help of social media. 

Ekta and Ashish received such immense support from their customers that now they receive global orders from Canada, London, America and Dubai. 

Their work keeps them busy with no respite during holidays. But Ekta never complains because this is something that she had always dreamt of doing. Occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day are especially busy from the business point of view. 

Ekta shares that she has the best customers in the sense that even if her order gets delayed due to various reasons, they don’t’ release their anger on her and patiently wait for their orders to arrive. People have sent her heartfelt messages from all around the world appreciating her hard work. 

Publishing a book

Ekta has always been fond of reading and writing as well. Her room is packed with novels. In her busy schedule, she manages to take out some time to devote to reading. Ekta has also authored a book titled ‘Sooli pe Samaj’.