Aligarh: Raveena, one of the toppers of UPPSC-J, shares her strategy for securing high marks in the examination. She has secured 8th rank in the exam in her fourth attempt. She experienced failure in her first attempt but did not accept her defeat. She persevered and achieved what she had dreamed of. 

Who is Raveena?

Raveen is a resident of Swarna Jayanti Nagar, Aligarh. She completed her schooling from Our Lady of Fatima Convent Higher Secondary School. She pursued her BA-LLB from Aligarh Muslim University. Raveena’s father, Pradeep Kumar works as a professor of Education at Dharma Samaj College. Her mother is a homemaker. She has a younger brother, Aman who is pursuing an MBA degree from IIM Mumbai.

Interview questions

Raveena shares her experiences about the interview process. There was a panel of four members in the board and each member asked around 4-5 questions from her. The interview lasted for about 20 to 25 minutes. 

The majority of questions asked from Raveena were from the criminal law studies. The topics revolved around the Evidence Act, IPC and CRPC. Raveena had prepared for the interview well and could answer all of them quite comprehensively.

Changing streams

Raveena studied Science subjects in her class 12th. The subjects stimulated her brain, but she wanted to do so much more than just becoming an engineer. It was a crucial decision that she made at that age; she firmed upon the idea of studying law to become a court judge. 

Raveena qualified for the AMU entrance examination and pursued her bachelor's degree from there. Her choice of studying law opened a thousand possibilities for her. She struggled between choosing between Judicial Service, Civil Service and Corporate Service before finally settling with the decision of becoming a Judge. 

Failure in first attempt

Raveena completed her graduation in the year 2018. The vacancies were released for various positions during the same time, and Raveena tried her luck at it. But due to lack of preparation, she could clear the examination in her first attempt. The next vacancies were released after a gap of four years; the waiting period was long and exhausting. This time, Raveena had done sufficient preparation and was confident regarding her exams. 

Without doubting herself, Raveena wrote her exams, cleared the interview rounds successfully and became the 8th rank holder in UPPSC-J exams. 


Raveena shares the secret to her success; she never attended any coaching classes and passed the exams purely because of her dedication. Whenever she could not find the answers in her books, she would scour the internet to educate herself. Online education was a great tool that she used wisely for herself. 

Motivating the students

Raveena religiously made notes of what she studied. She believes that writing down what one studies during the day is an essential element in the process of preparation. Repeating and revising the notes helps in etching them in your memory. Reading multiple books to find out what suits you the best is an excellent method to make the process easier and efficient. 

Raveena further shares that students should not lose their hopes after experiencing failure. It is inevitable and an important part of your life that makes you appreciate and value your success more. Nothing is impossible for a person is not afraid of the failure.

The celebration of success

Raveena shares the stories from her home; her brother could not meet her in person on the festival of Raksha Bandhan due to his college classes, but he celebrated by distributing sweets among his friends and professors and announcing loudly of her sister’s success. There wasn’t a better way to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan. 

After the announcement of the results, the phones started ringing up, congratulating Raveena on her success. She spent her whole day receiving praises and blessings from her loved ones.