Upasana Taku is a prominent figure in the world of business. After completing her undergraduate studies, she relocated to the USA for better career prospects. For about 17 years, she worked for numerous reputed companies. When she decided to venture into entrepreneurship, she quit her high-paying job and moved back to India. Her decision was met with mixed reactions from her family and friends. However, she believed in herself and pursued her vision of establishing her own business. Today, she serves as the co-founder of MobiKwik, a leading company in the fintech sector. 


Upasana Taku completed her bachelor's degree in engineering from Punjab Technical University (PTU) and a postgraduate degree in management science and engineering from Stanford University. She worked at several companies in her corporate career and gained significant experience. After working for more than 17 years in the US, she returned to India in the year 2008 to start her own business. 


At the time, Upasana’s parents used to live in Africa. Her father worked as a physics professor at Asmara University in Eritrea, and her mother was a musician. Upon returning to India, Upasana began working for Drishti, a microfinance NGO operating in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. During the same time, she crossed paths with Bipin Preet Singh, who also aspired to launch his own business. 

Launching the business

Before meeting Upasana, Bipin Preet Singh was not able to quit his job as he needed to provide financial support to his family and starting a business was a risky move. A little support from Upasana encouraged him to pursue his dreams of launching a startup. The two worked together, and in the year 2009, they launched MobiKwik together. Today, the company has reportedly reached a turnover of Rs 8000 crore. Upasana and Bipin got married in 2011.