Bengaluru: YSRCP is up against its own member and MP, Raghurama Krishna Raju. News reports add that the party is miffed with Raju as he has exposed the corruption, casteism and most importantly, religious conversion that his party resorts to. 

Reports add that party members met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and demanded his disqualification. 


The delegation was led by Rajya Sabha MP V Vijaysai Reddy. It is alleged that Raju had used unparliamentary language against fellow party members and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He further claimed that the outspoken MP had ‘colluded’ with opposition party members against his own party, the website adds. 

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“He has never discussed his inconvenience within the party forum anytime, instead, took it up in the public, going against the party guidelines. The anti-defection law applies to Raghurama Krishna Raju, who contradicted the party rules, and he even misused the freedom of speech, and Section 10 should be invoked,” Reddy said. 

“One MLA has publicly abused me in filthy language and threatened to kill me. The YSRCP cadre has also been issuing threats in the last few days. As the local police did not take any action against those people, I sought protection from the Lok Sabha Speaker,” Raju had said. 

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But most importantly, he had openly confessed proselytization in Andhra Pradesh on a TV channel. He had said, “Conversions are happening at many places in the country. It is the money power of the Christian missionaries that they are pumping in money from abroad to carry out their proselytising activities and strengthening their religion. This is happening throughout the country, what are we supposed to do? India is a secular country and we cannot stop what is happening.”


Raju had further said, “In the night these folks (Christian missionaries) go about colonies and areas and preach their religion to the residents in a bid to get them converted. We cannot stop them. It is happening everywhere.”