Bengaluru: The Tablighi event in Nizamuddin in which thousands of people attended has turned out to be India’s Wuhan. Many had come from countries like Indonesia and Malaysia and the event went on well after the lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

No, holding an event is not wrong. But to continue the event after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced a stay on such events and the PM also asking people not to crowd up is rank cheap and dangerous as well. 

And as if that is not enough, these attendees are roaming all over India and infecting people at will! 

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It is no secret that some of these attendees have spat on doctors, refused to cooperate with health officials in getting tested and some more have even walked nude before doctors, in an obvious bid to derail the process of keeping the virus at bay. 

As we write this article, reports trickled in that some of these attendees, who are being treated at a hospital in Kanpur, are demanding better facilities, spitting at doctors and deliberately touching railings with an intent to spread the virus. 

Certainly, no human being with sanity acts in such a manner. Maybe, it can even be classified as masochistic behaviour. 

While the whole nation condemns and criticises such behaviour, the Congress party is conspicuous by its silence over the issue. 

A few days ago, Sonia Gandhi addressed a presser in which she highlighted the defects of the Centre in implementing the lockdown. 

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Well, such criticisms are welcome in a democracy. But she should remember that in a country that has a population of 130 crores, a lockdown can’t be impeccably and infallibly implemented. 

In spite of meticulous planning, it is natural that some drawbacks prevail. 

However, when the Congress jumps at the slightest opportunity to defame Modi, BJP and perhaps, the majority community as well, it has kept its mouth zipped and refused to talk about the arrogance and brazen behaviour of the Tablighi attendees. 

Is it because a section of the minorities are involved? 

Well, let’s be honest. It is wrong to brush the entire community with a single paint. These offenders have to be castigated and punished for their behaviour. 

But if a Hindu group had dared to hold such conferences and spread the virus, the Congress would have been at the vanguard of besmirching and sullying the reputation of the entire Hindu community.