Bengaluru: At a time when the nation and the entire world are going through tough times, the least any sane politician would do is to help the government in its endeavour to kill the crisis. 
But the Congress begs to be different. 

Congress president Sonia Gandhi decided to unnecessarily criticize the government over the lockdown. 

She said, "The 21-day national lockdown may have been necessary but the unplanned manner in which it has been implemented has caused chaos and pain in the lives of millions of migrant workers all over India."

While she criticised the government, she made no mention of the religious congregation in Delhi, the attendees of which have spread the virus across India badly.

The Congress chief also avoided any sort of remarks on the way these attendees are spitting on doctors, behaving in an uncooperative manner or asking the health officials to speak to dharma gurus in order to honour their instructions. 

But she spoke about the choices one makes today and how it will  have an impact on our family tomorrow.  

"The choices we make today will have a direct impact tomorrow on our family, neighbourhood, community, environment and nation. How effectively we meet this challenge, how we protect all sections of our society, specially the most vulnerable among us will define us for generations to come. Only if we act together in solidarity, we will overcome."

"The onus lies on governments to ensure that the spread of infection and casualties are not caused owing to lack of infrastructure or preparedness."

She also said, "The government needs to put in place a comprehensive strategy to manage this crisis. They are already facing tremendous hardship due to hunger and lack of health facilities. As a nation, we owe them our full and constructive support."

It is imperative the Congress extend its full support to the government in this hour of crisis, rather  than  pick loopholes.