India is currently facing a severe heatwave, with record-breaking temperatures in April 2024. Climate change is being blamed for this extreme weather, hitting the eastern and northeastern regions the hardest.

The high temperatures are causing health problems like fatigue, dehydration, and heatstroke. Authorities are issuing warnings to the public to stay safe. However, a video has gone viral online, mixing humor with a serious message.

The widely shared video shows a woman attempting a strange method of frying an omelette on asphalt. She is seen crouching by the side of the road, carefully washing a portion of the asphalt with water and then using her head covering to dry it. 
She is wearing a beautiful red gown and headgear. She pours oil and spreads it with her hands, simulating seasoning a pan, then cracks two eggs straight into the searing hot surface. She carefully spreads the eggs for cooking with a ladle.


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Many people have reacted negatively to the video. They criticize the woman for risking her safety and the safety of others for social media fame.

Some users are worried about road safety, as drivers could be surprised by hazards created by such activities. They say this behavior is foolish and needs to stop.