Noida: Four students were booked by the Noida Police on Wednesday (August 28) for allegedly beating up students of Amity University. According to police sources, one of the complainants Harsh Yadav said that while he was parking his car outside the university campus, the incident took place.

As Harsh was trying to park his car, a female student was standing in the area where he wanted to park the car. He allegedly asked the lady to move, so he can park the vehicle. But this apparently led to an argument between the two. 

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After a few hours, the lady left. But soon, her friends, Mayank, Shiv, Kunal and Chetan went to Harsh and started fighting. Harsh's friend Madhav and Divaker tried to save Harsh, but they were thrashed as well by the four-member gang. 

According to reports, Madhav and Harsh are still in critical condition in the hospital. Madhav is in the ICU due to internal bleeding. Demanding justice for the trio, netizens have taken to social media seeking the arrest of the lady, because of whom Madhav and Harsh are in hospital.