New Delhi: A video has gone viral on social media, where we can see a man at the wheels of a black sedan ramming against a group of people at a road in Gupta Colony in New Delhi. And before moving ahead, he reversed into the same crowd, and hit more people. The incident occurred on Sunday (September 1) where one person was injured in the terrific incident. 

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In the video, we can see the car ramming into the crowd, a few people on the road are seen jumping over the car to stop the driver from fleeing. At the same time, some people are also seen trying to break the windshield of the car in anger, but the driver escaped. The people who climbed on top of the car were also thrown away by the car driver while he was escaping.  

It is also reported that the driver was seen harassing a female in the car and when the people who saw this tried to stop him, he rammed into the crowd.

Meanwhile, the injured man is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital and he is still in critical stage. The driver who drove the car is yet to be identified. The police said to media, that efforts are on to identify the car and arrest the driver.