Bengaluru: Congress has lost all morality! Or should we wonder if it had one? 

Well, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has put out a tweet in which he has revealed that the Congress asked beneficiaries before distributing ration if Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot was better or PM Modi was better. 

When the answer by one of the beneficiaries was “PM Modi” it is said she was singled out. 

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On his account, he said, "Sonia ji have you set this question paper for Congress-ruled states? While giving rations, it is asked whether Modi is good or Ashok Gehlot? And if the old mother takes Modi's name, then the ration is withdrawn from her. Shame on your MLAs for this inhuman behavior. Watch the video," tweeted Sambit Patra.


The incident took place in Rajasthan.

At a time when the whole nation should stand as one, it is the Congress which resorts to playing politics. 

Irrespective of who the beneficiary chooses, a party which boasts of a history of a hundred long years, should be magnanimous enough to distribute ration. For the motive of any sane party would be to satiate the hunger of the poor and not to derive brownie points from it. 

PM Modi has urged his countrymen to put aside petty politics and work for the poor. He has also urged them to take care of the aged. 

Interestingly, former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi held a presser a few days ago and blabbered that lockdown was no solution for Covid-19. But, as expected, he did not come out with any solution as he it is beyond his capacity to find solution to any problem. 

This episode in which the beneficiary was targeted only exemplifies that whatever Congress does, it does it only with the motive of getting votes. 

Shame on you Congress!