Bengaluru: By now, we must all have come to know that the Twitter account of actor Kangana’s sister Rangoli has been suspended. 
The suspension came in the wake of an incendiary statement which she gave, purportedly against a particular community.

While the debate over the harsh decision continues, there was one more tweet that caught our attention. No, this wasn’t by Rangoli, but by a journalist or as he is infamously known as, news trader Rajdeep Sardesai. 

A few weeks ago, when the nation switched off lights and lit lamps as a mark of respect to our doctors, nurses and other health staff, Rajdeep Sardesai put out a tweet, terming the great Hindu festival Diwali as “bloody”. 

He said on this Twitter account, “Some people in my area now bursting crackers. What kind of utter nonsense is this. You have singularly mocked at PM’s appeal: this is not bloody Diwali but a solemn occasion. Spend money you just did on crackers on meals for the poor. Absolutely shameful. Sorry, just not done!” 


The case in point is that a few burst crackers which allegedly defeated the very purpose of PM’s call to light lamps. But the big questions that remain unanswered are: 

1.    Who gave Rajdeep Sardesai the right to call Diwali as “bloody”? 

2.    Will the news trader dare to address any other religious festival with the same word? 

3.    Will Twitter, which rushes to muzzle opinions if they are against a particular community, suspend his account as well? 

4.    Why haven’t the pseudos, who rush to appeal to Twitter to take punitive action against Rangoli, said anything in this regard? 

We all agree that the act of a few must not be used as a prop to brand and target an entire community. 

But when the feelings of the majority community are hurt, why doesn’t anyone even whisper? 

Is this the tolerance that is preached?