Chennai: Rahul Gandhi made a parochial comment while addressing the youth at Chennai’s Stella Maris college on Wednesday. 

The Congress president said that south India treats its women better. He also said that Tamil Nadu is one of the leaders in how it treats its women.

However, this comment didn’t go down well with Twitter users. While some people criticised the Congress chief for openly insulting people of north India, other pointed out that in spite of being the leader of a national party he openly created a divided between the north and the south. 

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Check some of the tweets here

It is indeed surprising that Gandhi who aspired to become the Prime Minister of the country resorted to creating divided between north India and south India. 

This is not the only slip-up he did while addressing the crowd at the Chennai college. He also called Nirav Modi, Narendra Modi and then rectified his mistake. 

"We want to take the money that is going to 15-17 corrupt business people like Narendra...not Narendra, Nirav Modi and open the banking system to entrepreneurs like yourself," said Gandhi.