Chennai: Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, while addressing a young crowd at Chennai’s Stella Maris college, mistakenly called Nirav Modi, Narendra Modi. The blunder happened when the Congress president was talking about fugitive jeweller Nirav Modi in connection with the rampant corruption taking place in the country.

"We want to take the money that is going to 15-17 corrupt business people like Narendra...not Narendra, Nirav Modi and open the banking system to entrepreneurs like yourself," said Gandhi, according to reports. 

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Following the goof up, the audience burst into laughter, while Gandhi continued to grin? 

Rectifying his slip up, Gandhi continued, "... and open the banking system to entrepreneurs like yourselves so that young women and men can go to banks, take loans and create businesses."

Gandhi also said at the Stella Maris College that one cannot have a negative, fearful atmosphere in the country and expect economic growth, which is directly related to the mood of the country. 

Addressing women students at the Stella Maris College here, he said the Congress will change the mood of the country and make people feel happy and empowered.

Responding to a question on his brother-in-law Robert Vadra, the Congress chief said, "I will be the first person to say it... investigate Robert Vadra but also investigate Prime Minister Narendra Modi," he said, in connection to the issue of the Rafale deal pricing. 

Gandhi also said the Congress would pass the women's reservation bill it if it comes to power.
"Don't see enough women in leadership positions. You cannot have women in power in India until attitude towards them changes," he told the cheering crowd.

With inputs from PTI