Bengaluru: Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made a mess out of himself as he danced to the tunes of China and decided to usurp Indian territories of Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura by amending Nepali map.

As days go on, life is becoming more and more unbearable for the prime minister as he is facing internal rebellion for the move to unnecessarily needle India, which is crucial for Nepal’s economy.
In fact, Nepal’s own economists and members from Oli’s own Communist party have minced no words in expressing their disgust at the way Oli has behaved with respect to India.

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We must also tell you that there are massive efforts to unseat Oli as the prime minister. But an unfazed Oli is resorting to newer chicaneries in order to protect his chair.
News is that Oli is trying hard to impose a health emergency in Nepal in view of the current coronavirus pandemic. Though he sees it as an efficient mechanism to buy more time to be in power, news reports add that Nepal President Bidhya Devi Bhandari and the army are nowhere coming near consonance with this proposal.
Reports add that the president wants the PM to resolve the intraparty disputes and army says it can’t deploy troops during a political crisis.

Apart from the proposal to impose a health emergency, Nepal has also banned Indian TV channels except Doordarshan.
The ostensible reason being cited by Nepal broadcasting authorities is that Indian media are resorting to disinformation campaign.
But what is this disinformation campaign?
Well, Indian news media channels have exposed Oli’s hypocrisy as he upholds China’s nefarious ploys and given India a snub. This, as Nepal can’t digest, is being labelled as disinformation.
"We have turned off the signals of the Indian channels from this evening,” said Dhruba Sharma, Mega Max TV
“Baseless propaganda by Indian media against the Nepal government and our PM should stop. It has crossed all limits. This is getting too much. Stop with the nonsense,” said Narayan Kaji Shrestha, former Dy PM

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“The news stories and comments coming from the Indian media against the Government and Prime Minister of Nepal are highly objectionable thus condemnable. Such reports do not care about the basic ethics of journalism,” said, Bishnu Ramal, chief advisor to PM
What’s interesting to note here is that China is sitting on Nepal’s neck and dictating terms with respect to India. Oli thought that by pleasing and placating China, he would earn its plaudits and make Nepalese happy.
But Oli was given a taste of his own medicine as China has annexed Nepal’s territory as well. A popular website noted:
In a massive departure from its diplomatic stand of non-interference, the Chinese have completely occupied Rui Village and the residents comprising around 72 houses are fighting for their original identity. This also shows how Nepal's current regime has surrendered to China and is now making anti-India statements and resorting to anti-India activities.
Nepal can’t afford to earn India’s wrath. Due to the quixotic nature of Oli, it is the Nepali citizens who will be forced to endure pains and privations.