New Delhi: A Tihar jail inmate has written to the director general of the prison, requesting him to send the inmates to the border to avenge the 40 CRPF jawans who were killed during the Pulwama attack. 

The letter, which was signed off by Akram Khan, mentioned how the inmates were feeling hapless as they were unable to serve the nation. The letter also talked about their wish to take revenge on Pakistan for Pulwama attack.

In his letter, Khan wrote, "We request you to talk to the government so that we can give a reply to Pakistan. We inmates anyway don't have any contribution anywhere. If we can commit a crime for our bread and butter, then we can also give our lives for our nation. We, inmates, are with the government and ready to help the government 24*7. We should get a chance to serve the nation.”

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Tihar jail has a provision where inmates can write letters of suggestions, grievances and appreciations to the jail DG Ajay Kashyap. This is for the first time that he received such a letter in the suggestion box.

The letter also had another inmate’s name, Manohar Kumar Sharma. 

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According to sources, inmates generally write about suggestions, complaints etc in letters and drop them suggestion boxes installed at various places in the jail. This helps the jail authority to redress problems.

However, this time, Kashyap only received this letter and all the other boxes were empty.

According to the sources, the two inmates, both are under 19 years, were convicted for theft and burglary, and are under trial. Both of them are in jail number 5.

On February 14, a Jaish-e-Mohammed suicide bomber rammed an SUV, stuffed with explosives, into a CRPF convoy of 78 vehicles. More than 40 soldiers were killed in the attack. 

The Pulwama attack is being considered the worst terror attack since the Uri attack in 2016.