Bengaluru: With a myriad of exit polls showing the exit door for the grand old party of India, the future does show an emphatic picture of bleakness and political uncertainty. 

The BJP fought the Maharashtra elections on national issues like abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, Pakistan repeatedly attacking India and India’s befitting responses to it, nationalism inter alia. 

On the other hand, a implosive Congress, hit by mutinies by former Haryana Congress chief Ashok Tanwar and Maharashtra Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam chose to cherry-pick on Modi’s flawed policies like demonetisation, bad economic decisions and even the Rafale deal. 

But if you look at the exit polls, it is more than aptly clear that the electorate have countenanced Modi’s policies of nationalism and abrogation. In Haryana, Modi openly declared that he would stop the waters of the River Indus from flowing to Pakistan. Again in Maharashtra, he delved on how the Congress chose to play the religion card when it came to the issue of national integration. 

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When the Congress lampooned him for broaching upon national topics while relegating local issues, he hit back questioning the Congress as to how abrogation was not an issue relating to the entire country. 

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Shivanand Patil, a political analyst says, “These exit poll results were on expected lines. Rahul held only 5 public meetings in Maharashtra. And the campaigns in Haryana were lacklustre. The BJP has a lot to answer on issues related to farmers, economic slowdown and the Jats issue. The BJP has masqueraded these issues into nationalism. But the Congress has failed miserably to expose the BJP.”

What next for the Congress? 

The political analyst adds, “Unless Congress has a dynamic leader, its prospects look bleak. It certainly doesn’t augur well for any party.” 

Till such time, Modi-Shah duo will certainly reign supreme, gobbling up more states in their fold.