Bengaluru: Journalist Rajdeep has been caught spread lying time and again. The incorrigible and inveterate liar that he is, he can’t help but spread fake news in the garb of a journalist. 

A few days ago, we put out an article on how Rajdeep Sardesai apologised to a court for reporting wrongly on an IPS officer Rajeev Trivedi for a 30-minute episode on fake Sohrabuddin encounter. 

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Now, as his litany of false news reporting only grows, here’s one more piece on how he had blatantly lied and finally apologised as the aggrieved party did not take kindly to what he had fibbed. 

The issue pertains to the report that a BHU Vice Chancellor had accompanied PM Modi’s rally at the Kashi Vishwanath temple. The controversial journalist had even cast aspersions on the VC as he doubted his loyalty and wondered if he had compromised on the autonomy of the BHU. 

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In fact, it was not just Rajdeep Sardesai who indulged in such costly misadventures. The Left gang, of which Kavita Krishnan is also one, had lambasted the VC for his non-existent role of accompanying the PM. 


However, after a meticulous fact-check, he was made to eat the humble pie as he came to know that the pics of the BHU VC were fake. He was shamed into issuing an apology. 


The apologies did not stop there. Vinay Joshi, Legal Rights Observatory Convener, in an email to the News Broadcasters Association complained about Rajdeep Sardesai’s inveterate tendency of spreading lies and later issuing an apology when called out for his falsehoods.

The complaint forced Rajdeep Sardesai to call up Vinay Joshi personally and apologise for his shameless dissemination of false news. 


Rajdeep Sardesai was also accused of manipulating interview of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Vinay Joshi had filed another complaint in this regard as well. 

If you observe, even superficially, there is a pattern in which Rajdeep works. He first shoots and scoots. But when conscientious personalities pull him up, he goes down on his knees and begs pardon like no one else. 

And then, he begins to relapse into his crimes again! 

Shame on you, Rajdeep!