New Delhi: In a bizarre attempt to marry a western condiment with a desi favourite, the BJP has perhaps committed the biggest culinary disaster of the century.

Buoyed by the exit poll findings that predict its victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the party has ordered five very large cakes made entirely of laddoos, something that would make Antony Bourdain turn in his grave and even our own super chef Sanjeev Kapoor blush.

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These cakes have been ordered at the party headquarters to celebrate the projected victory.

Cake and laddoos are the strangest bed fellows. Cakes are supposed to be fluffy, light on the tongue while laddoos are rich full bodied presence in your mouth and eventually in the tummy. The difference is not like choc and cheese but definitely of butter and ghee.

We invite our readers to send in their votes on the party's unique choice of celebration as the nation counts its mandate today (May 23). It seems the day is not far when the party's morphed memes of Ed Sheeran singing 'chalo ayodhya chale dikhane  jalwa Hindu power ka' is going to come true.

Warning: This is not a work of fiction or satire