Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural address of the 125th anniversary of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)j today (June 2). 

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This being PM Modi’s first speech after the unlock was announced, he touched upon the issue of economy and how it would bounce back. 

He said, "Yes, we will get the growth back. Trust me, it is not all that difficult".

Adding to it, he said, "You might wonder how I am so confident of this... I have faith in India's talent and innovation, its hard work and dedication, its entrepreneurs and workforce.” 

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In his speech, PM Modi stressed on five "I"s. "To bring India back on track for fast-paced growth, five things are very important: Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure, Innovation.” 

Modi also underlined that we must work so as to control the spread of virus and keep the economy running. 

He said, "On one hand we need to be safe and ensure that we control the spread of the virus, but at the same time, we need to keep the economy going.”  

"Corona may have slowed our speed (of growth) but India has now moved from lockdown to Unlock Phase-1. So, in a way, the path to bring growth back has already begun,” he added. 

The Prime Minister also stressed on the importance of manufacturing. 

He said, “The country now needs to manufacture products which are ‘Made in India’ but are Made for the World.

On the trust factor, the PM added, “The world is looking for a trusted, reliable partner. In India, we have potential, strength and ability. Today, all of you, including all the industries must benefit from the trust that has developed for India all over the world.”

On the importance of opportunities, he said, “The direction in which the government is moving today, be it our mining sector, energy sector or research and technology, in every field there will be many new opportunities for youth of the country,”