Bengaluru: Amid the ongoing border tensions with China, an overwhelming majority in India believe that China is a bigger problem to the country in comparison to neighbouring Pakistan. According to a survey conducted by CVoter, 68 per cent of Indians say that China poses a major concern to India than Pakistan while the remaining 32 per cent believe the latter does. 

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While conducting the survey, the agency questioned Indian citizens whether they think the Indian government has taken concrete steps to give China a befitting reply. Responding to this, over 39 per cent Indians responded in favour of India stating that 'Yes' the Modi government has given a harsh response to China for the Galwan valley attack that claimed lives of over 20 Indian soldiers. However, 60% still believe the Chinese haven't been paid back, or the killing of our soldiers is yet to be avenged.

The survey respondents also laid high trust in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA  government as 73.6 per cent Indians said that they have confidence in Prime Minister Modi more than the opposition parties. Merely 16.7 per cent of Indians responded in favour of Opposition while 9.6 per cent Indian hold that neither Opposition, nor the ruling government of India is capable of handling the ongoing dispute with China.

Comparing PM Modi and Congress Rahul Gandhi, Indian citizens showed a higher inclination towards the prime minister instead of the former Congress chief. According to the poll, 61% showed no faith in Rahul Gandhi, who has been attacking the government for its 'failed diplomacy' and turning borders vulnerable.

As stated in the survey report, 72.6 per cent said they trust Modi on national security while 14.4 per cent said they do have some faith in Rahul Gandhi.

68% of the surveyed lot believe people of India will boycott Chinese products while 31 per cent think that people will continue to buy goods from China no matter what.