According to the reports, the girl was attracted by the sight of individuals releasing smoke after eating paan, a famous street snack in Bengaluru. Curiosity drove her to try it herself, only to be met with acute discomfort and severe stomach ache. 

Recounting her experience with the publication, she stated, "Everyone was trying the smokey paan, and I wanted to give it a shot. I noticed discomfort shortly after eating it, and it worsened as I had terrible abdominal agony. The other folks who ate it were alright, but I felt ill."

Her condition was classified as perforation peritonitis, a severe illness defined by a hole in the stomach. They advised an urgent surgical procedure called as Intra-op OGD scopy to avoid further difficulties. 

Dr. Vijay HS, the lead surgeon in the Surgical Gastroenterology department, noted, "Intra-op OGD scopy is a procedure in which a flexible tube containing a camera and light is used during surgery to inspect the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum--the first section of the small intestine."

This is not an unusual instance; there have been other reports of people suffering negative consequences after consuming food or drinks laced with liquid nitrogen. While liquid nitrogen is often utilized in culinary contexts, such as sizzlers in restaurants, to generate a smokey effect, experts advise the public to take caution while consuming such dishes away from home.

The incident highlights the potential dangers of consuming food or drinks infused with liquid nitrogen. While it may be tempting to try trendy culinary creations, it is essential to prioritize safety and be aware of potential health risks associated with such practices.