A picture of a station name board went viral on social media recently showcasing an offbeat name which translated to 'murderer'. The board is from the Hatia-Ernakulam Express, where the 'Hatia' is translated as 'Kolapthakam' which means murderer in Malayalam. 

The officials later cleared that the mistake happened due to confusion with the Hindi word 'Hatya' which means murder. 

Several passengers were shocked to see the word painted on the yellow board and could not decipher if this was a joke or a real name for the station. 

The picture was shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter), with the caption, "Shhhh, nobody tell them."



Many commentators shared pictures of the board on the post after the authorities found out about this blunder and painted over the mistranslation. 

According to India Today report, the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr DCM) of the Ranchi Division recognized the mistake as soon as the picture went viral. He said that quick action was taken and the mistake had been fixed. 

Users online made several jokes about the situation; some seriously called out the railway authorities for the mistake and demanded better management from the officials. 

One user wrote, "Too much dependence on Google Translate," making fun of the reliance on Google Translate and makers not rechecking whether it is accurate or not.

Another user also joked about the situation of having a 'murder express' and wrote, "One who is having a Confirmed ticket to 'Murder' of 'Sleeper'."

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