Men in Black: International is the fourth instalment of the MIB series. We find out if it lived up to the standards set by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are the new entrants to the MIB world, and the absence of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith was definitely felt.

The expectations of the film were high given the ratings of the previous MIB movies, which you can enjoy as many times as you watch it.

MIB: International tells a story of a girl named Molly (Tessa Thompson), whose dream is to join the agency, Men in Black, because she loves to explore the galaxy and seeks to understand the truth within it. On the other hand, it shows the story of Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) who is arrogant, reckless and flamboyant. In the opening scene, we see Agent H waking up in the morning alongside an alien with octopus-like limbs (Rebecca Ferguson).

Agent M and Agent H venture on an 'International' journey to fight the evil aliens, who seek to destroy the earth.

An interesting character in the movie was Pawn (Kumail Nanjiani), who has been hiding on Earth, in a Marrakesh antique shop. He later joins Agent M (Molly) and is renamed 'Pawny', who becomes the source of comic relief in the film.

Two contract killers from another planet played by Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, are featured as break-dancing French siblings known as Les Twins. Their dance moves in the movie and fight sequences with MIB members (H and M) are a sight to behold.

One of the main highlights of the movie was the high-speed rail, which plies from New York to London to Paris to Naples to the Sahara in just seconds. The VFX team needs to be applauded for job well done, especially in certain sequences such as the train journey from New York to London.

The film also features a ferret-sized alien that disguises itself with a beard.

However, with all the high-fi technology and CGI effects, the movie did not meet expectations mainly because of the acting of the lead characters, poor storyline, dialogues. The twist in the climax however is definitely one of the movie’s plus points


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The Pug (Tim Blaney) was also seen in the movie but for a very brief period. However, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were definitely missed.

Directed by F Gary Gray, screenplay by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, Men in Black has no grand aspirations to surpass the standards set in the previous MIB movies.

It is a one-time watch.

Rating: Two-and-a-half stars; One for sci-fi action sequences, the second star for Pawny’s character and comic relief and half a star for Chris Hemsworth look.