Warning: Contains spoilers.

The Game of Thrones (GOT) episode today (May 12) started with what most of the fans had already predicted — death of a traitor. Lord Varys, the wise man who made it till the end, only to be burned alive by Drogon.

Daenerys, who was a fragile bird at the beginning of the show, rose to power gradually and became the ‘mother of dragons’. She was the hero of many and freed people from slavery, she was walking the path of the rightful queen until few events drifted her from the right path to the path of the Mad King.


Since the time she got to know that Jon is a Targaryen, she stopped thinking straight and felt the threat from all possible sources. She tried to control her mad behaviour, but the death of Rhaegal and Missandei pushed her limits and only revenge was on her mind.


As expected, King’s Landing saw the most violent attack, killing thousands of innocent people and let us not forget Missandei’s last words — “Dracarys”.

After the bells were rung for surrender, Jon, Tyrion and Cersei took a breath of relief, but resentful Daenerys had already made her mind to burn them all. 


Greyworm who is madly in love with Missandei is filled with hatred after her execution and attacks the Lannister army even after they surrender. Jon Snow who has been useless since the last few episodes remains the same. He just realised what Sansa has been saying since the beginning of their reunion ‘I don’t trust your queen’.

The episode showed mad destruction of King’s Landing.


Arya who arrives at King’s Landing with the Hound just at the time of the attack is determined to kill Cersei and complete her list, but the Hound sends her away as the city was falling apart by the angry Dragon Queen. The episode focused on the eyes of Daenerys a few times reminding us of the words of the Red Woman — “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever”. Guess the new name in the list of Arya is the Mad Queen.


The Hound finally faced his fear since death (Drogon) is above all. He faced fire as well as the Mountain. Sandor who challenged his brother died brave and strong and we saw the end of two brothers.

Talking about the end, the last remaining Lannister is Tyrion, and even he is on the path of betraying his Queen. Tyrion freed Jamie to protect him and Cersei and thousands of people who are to be burned soon by the Mad Queen. According to sources, the next episode will show the trail of Tyrion at Dragonpit which will ultimately lead to his execution.


We all have a soft corner for Cersei no matter how evil she was, we always understood her anger. But this is the episode where you will forget all that she has done just to see her alive. Cersei breaks down as the city burned and is left alone in the end until Jamie arrives. It will break your heart when she tells Jamie to protect her; she wants her child to live. We are at least happy that they both died together.


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There was no appearance of Sansa on the show, but we have a strong belief that she is going to play a major part to overthrow Daenerys from the throne.

The episode ended with Arya opening her eyes and rising from the ashes. She escaped the burned city with burned people on a horse.

In the end, we can only see a Stark on the throne.